Chronic Leg Ulcer – Treatment

Special Treatment by SCHAF thro Compression Therapy in 3months

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Chronic Leg Ulcers is present in about 10% of the population of Sickle Cell patients in Nigeria. Both male and female patients are affected with some having ulcers on both legs (bilateral). In a pilot study, 19 (nineteen) patients with Chronic leg ulcers of between 2 to 17 years duration were treated free-of-charge by SCHAF. A new technique known as compression therapy was employed in the treatment.

This new method was used to dress the leg ulcers every week for a period of 3 (three) months. Remarkable improvements in healing were recorded and all the patients have better stories to tell. SCHAF has spent about N1.5 million on this pilot study. In a bid to facilitate a holistic care, a scientific approach delving into the root cause of the chronicity of these leg ulcers was used. Scientists volunteering for SCHAF are examining the haematological, immunological, microbiological, psycho-social and metagenomic (non- microscopic organism identification) aspects of chronic leg ulcers in these SCD patients. It is our hope that adequate funding could be secured to treat these ulcers for a longer period to achieve the desired objective of complete closure. Such holistic approach for a longer period of time is expected to increase healing and hopefully reduce the recurrence rate of 70% in leg ulcers in the Nigerian population.

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