Distribution of Parents Handbook on SCD

book study march 2015Handbooks on the management of sickle cell disease (Books 1 and 2) co- authored by 2 SCHAF members and are now distributed free of charge to patients and caregivers. These books will assist patients in taking good care of themselves and the caregivers in taking care of their wards. Book 1 is for patients below 6 years; while book 2 will cater for all patients above 6 yrs old. In order to ensure that they will be read, SCHAF is organising a Questionnaire study on knowledge and care of SCD individuals prior to distribution of the books for the caregivers and adult patients. The benefactors will be recalled to answer the same set of questions a few months http://www.buyambienmed.com after they must have gone through the books in order to assess the improvement in their knowledge about SCD and care of the affected. These books have been given to about 150 caregivers and 100 patients in Ibadan metropolis. Professional caregivers such as doctors, nurses and others relevant are not left out.

book study march 2015For anyone in need of these books, please contact SCHAF @ www.shafng.org  OR

The Genetics Research Unit, Institute for Advanced Medical Research & Training, College of Medicine, UCH, Ibadan OR
Call: 0802-576-0144 / 0805-038-2048.

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