Essential – Drug distribution

Drug distribution--AMTH-12-Sept 2013A periodic Drug Distribution of Routine Medication to SCD-affected individuals by SCHAF is ongoing and based on availability of funds. These drugs include Paludrine, Folic acid, Vitamin B Complex and some Vitamin C purchased directly from pharmaceutical companies to avoid adulterated drug use. These drugs are taken to these patients in their various clinics to relieve patients of travelling costs. The clinics are located at Oni & Sons Hospital, Ringroad, Ibadan, Adeoyo Maternity Centre, Yemetu, Ringroad State Hospital, Ring Road and University College Hospital, Ibadan. At these clinics, their respective pharmacists join hands with SCHAF team led by her Pharmacist and Secretary of the Board of SCHAF to facilitate distribution. About 2000 patients have benefited consistently and will continue to benefit as funds become available

If you are a patient or caregiver who needs this support, do contact SCHAF @ OR

The Genetics Research Unit, Institute for Advanced Medical Research & Training, College of Medicine, UCH, Ibadan. OR

Call: 0802-576-0144 / 0805-038-2048.