Enhancing awareness particularly in adolescents & young adults for making informed choices about marriage and childbearing; to couples at risk; introducing guidelines for healthy living and for improving the understanding of caregivers and the public in the management and control of SCD in Nigeria.


Advocacy with State and Federal Government Agencies and Organizations and endowed individuals both at home and abroad for facilities for the affected and for awareness to reduce the number of children born with the disorder.

Capacity Building for Affected Individuals

Supporting capacity building and development through specialized skills acquisition and entrepreneurship for self actualization.

Research & Services

1. Conducting releveant research into the ameliorators of SCD.

2. Establishment of Neonatal Screening facility with consequent intervention packages.

3. Generation of basic database for the affected.

Sickle Cell Clubs & Associations

Facilitating SCD Clubs and Associations to further promote awareness of SCD at the grassroots level.