SCHAF Know Your Genotype

This is an initiative of SCHAF geared towards spreading the word on the need for everyone to know his/her Blood Genotype by screening their blood.

When screened, you will be told your status that is, any of these below;

AA – About 68% of Nigerians

AS – About 25% of Nigerians

SS – About 2-3% of Nigerians

SC – About 0.5% of Nigerians

AC – About 5% of Nigerians

Statistics in Nigeria show that over 150,000 children are born with SCD and 100,000 SCD death occur annually. Nigeria also has the highest number of people living with the disease (4 million), as well as one of the worst forms worldwide. Nigeria has over 40million carriers that is, Sickle Cell trait (Hb AS) which is transmissible to their offspring.

SCHAF believes that information on the inheritance pattern as we as the complications of SCD would go a long way in the preventive and control of the disease.

SCHAF continues to establish KYG Club in Schools, Colleges, Churches, Mosques, the NYSC, Artisans and Non – Medical Professional Organisations. Handbills, fliers, instructional materials and T-shirts are provided for training. It is expected that ripple effect of these clubs and the continuous awareness activities by them would bring everyone to the conscious need to have a genotype screening and make use of the information in the choice of a partner in the future.