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VISION: Increased education, improved quality of care and research on Sickle Cell Disease.


MISSION: Increased awareness/education, advocacy for improved SCD management, provision of capacity building skills for SCD-affected individuals and conduct of research on SCD.


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1. To increase the knowledge base of the Nigerian population in their local languages on haemoglobin phenotypes for behaviour change and prevention of Sickle Cell Disease.

2. To increase the involvement of faith-based organizations, schools, artisans, primary health care units and other professional groups in the control of Sickle Cell Disease in Nigeria.

3. To improve skills acquisition and entrepreneurial capacities of SCD-affected individuals.

4. To increase access of SCD-affected individuals and their caregivers to quality care, and support from charitable organizations.

5. Contribute to knowledge and research studies to improve database on Sickle Cell Disease.


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