Neonatal (Newborn) Screening for Sickle Cell Disease

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Neonatal screening is a public health program which involves the screening of all newborns for certain diseases in order to commence treatment early in affected individuals. Neonatal screening for Sickle Cell Disease will help to detect the disease in newborns in the first month of life. Parents with affected children will be counseled and referred for appropriate hospital care; relevant vaccines will be given early enough and for the first 5 years of life. This course of treatment will help to reduce the burden of the disease in affected individuals. This project is in the pipeline. SCHAF conducted a community survey in Ibadan and results show that mothers of newborns and health workers are willing to participate in the programme.

If you are a patient or caregiver who needs this support, do contact SCHAF @


The Genetics Research Unit, Institute for Advanced Medical Research & Training, College of Medicine, UCH, Ibadan.


Call: 0802-576-0144 / 0805-038-2048.