• SCHAF engages the NYSC as a vehicle.

  • SCHAF in partnership with NYSC on Health Initiative for Rural Dwellers (HIRD).

Having one copy of the HbS gene provides people with protection from malaria. Without early diagnosis and adequate treatment, children with SCA often die within the first few years of life. As they grow, however, they have to continue to use their antimalarials daily, thus further increasing the burden of SCA on patients and their families. Demographics indicate that Nigeria is one of 3 countries that are in need of policies for the prevention and improved management of SCA. In response to alleviating the burden of SCA, SCHAF’s mission to assist SCA patients with their most basic required drugs falls in line.

Sickle Cell Hope Alive Foundation SCHAF successfully completed the 2nd leg of its essential drugs distribution to Sickle Cell patients in 3 hospitals in Ibadan, Oyo State. The first leg was in November 2012. For this 2nd leg, about 300 patients were given a 3 month supply of Reludrin (antimalarials) Folic Acid and BCo at the Maternity Hospital, Yemetu, on the 12th of September, Oni memorial Hospital and the State Hospital, Ring road, both on the 18th of September 2013. The other patients at the UCH Paediatrics clinic and the adult patients included in the cohort will be served at a later date within the month as was done in the first leg of the drug distribution. The drug purchase from Reals Pharmaceuticals was funded by the 1 Million Naira donation from the Kayode Olabode Taiwo Foundation (KOTF) in 2012