I must wash my body clean daily

I must always wash my hands before eating

I must clean my surroundings always

I must eat my food well

I must eat fruits daily

I must drink plenty of water and oranges daily

I must take my medicine (folic acid, vitamins, pain relievers and others) as my mother and Doctor give me

When playing, I must not play in dirty pools of water

I must make sure I rest as my mother tells me (do not overwork yourself!!!)

I must wear my sweater during cold weather to keep my body warm.

I must wear my socks and shoes in rainy season to keep my feet warm

I must sleep under mosquito net everyday to prevent mosquito bites.

I must tell my mother/father whenever I have pains or aches in my body

I must allow my mother to take my temperature with a thermometer

I must be ready to go with my mother/ father to see the Doctor regularly

The Doctor is my FRIEND!!!