SCHAF Engages the NYSC as a Vehicle for Awareness on Sickle Cell Disease

SCHAF Engages the NYSC as a Vehicle

SCHAF Engages the NYSC as a Vehicle for Awareness on Sickle Cell Disease



SCHAF Engages the NYSC as a VehicleSickle Cell Hope Alive Foundation – SCHAF demonstrates its penchant for accessing rural dwellers. A maiden engagement of Oyo State NYSC members of Ibadan North Local Government on the 10th of September, 2015.

A lecture titled: “Know Your Genotype: Youth Corpers as a Vehicle of SCD Prevention in Nigeria” was delivered by SCHAF President- Professor A.G. Falusi.

Over 150 Corp members were treated to the educational outing involving their knowledge assessment through a pre and post- questionnaire.

The take home message is that Corp members must know their Blood Genotype, differentiate it from their Blood Group, make informed decisions as appropriate in the future as well as carry this message to the nooks and crannies of Nigeria where  they are posted.


  1. Toyin falusi - 1st December 2015

    This is an excellent idea. Each one, reach one.
    The youth corpers end up all over the country in a variety of settings including schools and offices in many small communities and could be SCD ambassadors. They are young, active, engaged and a great resource.
    Kudos to SCHAF!

  2. Okedere Babajide - 7th December 2015

    The most effective tool to get information across to the people is through the ‘gate keepers’. NYSC is a widespread keep-keeper that will propagate the ideas and ideal of SCHAF if Sikle cell disease (SCD) must be brought to its knee in Nigeria.

  3. Beni Adeniji - 11th December 2015

    I wonder if we could speak with the various State Headquarters of the NYSC to see if they could host a speaker from SCHAF to give a 30 minute presentation during the NYSC orientation informing attendees of the importance of genotyping. We could subsequently have a clinic day where corpers could come to the camp clinic to be tested. This is a critical time of their lives before several select life partners. Perhaps a small pilot at the Oyo State NYSC orientation camp could be performed to identify huddles and evaluate cost implications. We could even publish a small paper on comparing uptake of genotyping in the camp clinics between a camp located in Southern Nigeria versus Northern Nigeria (or some other publications that would make this project attractive to Physicians and other staff). Beni

  4. damilola - 21st December 2015

    Congrats to SCHAF on the novel idea of involving the NYSC in scd awareness. Pls don’t limit this to Oyo Stat alone.

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